(And zip your lips…. not actually)
*Must be washed before every use.
*Contains one woven face cover.
*Contains one food grade silicone BPA-free reusable straw.
*Fits most adults
*Completed with zipper convenience
*Machine washable
*Hang dry

  •  These face covers are not medical or surgical masks nor are they advertised as such. Use of the face cover still requires proper hand washing hygiene and social distancing.
  •  Face covers are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand cleaning with alcohol-based hand-wash or soap and water.
  • Only unzip when trying to eat or drink. These should not be unzipped for other reasons as it will defeat the purpose of the cover.
  • This face cover is designed to make living with coverage easier by allowing easy access to consume food or beverages.
  • Before putting on the face cover, clean hands with alcohol-based hand wash or soap and water.
  • Cover mouth and nose and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the material.
  • Avoid touching the face cover while using it besides the zipper itself; clean your hands with alcohol-based hand-wash or soap and water.
  • Replace the face cover with a new one if it gets damp.
  • You can wash and reuse this face cover.
  • These face covers are machine washable.
  • Adjust face covers by tying knots at the ends of the elastic. 


These face covers are not approved by the CDC.